Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Now to the adventure.....

Day one -three, finding my feet, knowing my Spanish had to improve and fast, enjoying conversations with Rob (Australian owner of the Hostel) and his staff, Andre, Antonio and Moises. Spanish lessons with Rob, meeting travellers and sharing dinner and great conversations, meeting up with Javier attending a photographic exhibition on Machu Picchu by Peruvian photographer Martin Chimbu, being introduced to the Peruvian delicacy Anticuchos (beef heart cooked on skewers over coals on the street) and Pisco Sour (the famous cocktail with a punch) served at the historical Gran Hotel Bolivar, a most beautiful old Spanish Hotel. I was organising my trip to Iquitos and the Amazon jungle with some help from South American Explorers Club, (which I had joined) much research and emails to adventure companies.

My time in Lima has been full and so much fun.  On the first day, still a little tired from my flights, I took a red bus tour for orientation and part of the tour was to visit a private collection of Moche and Chimu (civilisations) artifacts, a most informative start to my time in Peru. 
Miraflores where I am staying is very safe, friendly and beautiful by the beach.  Their boardwalk is a must to walk along as is the main Plaza in the heart of Miraflores.

Below are photos of the Private Collection Museum - Mueso Larco, Jugglers on the crossings entertaining the traffic, in and around the beachside of Miraflores, around Plazas de Armas, Palacio de Gabierno (Peru's Presidential Residence) the central bronze fountain erected in 1650, other impressive buildings, the beautiful cathedral - La Catedral de Lima

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